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The Marketing Strategies of One Tambon One Product Sansai Luang

Dr.Supathanish Termsnguanwong, Payap University
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The study was conducted primarily to study the circumstance , marketing strategies and problems of OTOP SansaiLuang Municipality, Chiangmai province. The study was conducted on 6 groups 15 products, 1) 5 cases of food producers, 2) 1 case of beverage producer, 3) 1 case of apparel manufacturer, 4) 2 cases of utensils and decorations items manufacturers, 5) 5 cases of arts and souvenir manufacturers, and 6) 1 case of herb product manufacturer.
Research Findings, In terms of management, the study showed that most of entrepreneurs had their organization charts, divided jobs and responsibilities. For production, the study showed that most of entrepreneurs supplied to the demand of the customers ,they were chosen regarding its closeness to labor and raw materials supply areas as Chiangmai province, and the finished products would be inspected 100 % before selling. With regard to human resource management, the selection was mostly based on community and internal training by the head of group.
With regard to finance and accounting, the study found that most of entrepreneurs used their own investment and recorded accounting sheet such as balance sheet, and income statement preparation. The government supported, the study found that a few entrepreneurs were supported in terms of labor training by the labor developing department.
The product strategies were found that they were focused on the product quality and identity. The price strategies were focused on the reasonable price ( suitable for the product quality and image) and markup on cost price setting .The place strategies were focused on the proper location, the transportation, safety, and right time. The promotion strategies focused on IMCs tools but were selected in some cases of product.
The Product’s problems were lacked of the governments’ support ,direct marketing and internet knowledge , incorrect advertising to customer and unattractive price setting respectively. To sum up, all of the entrepreneurs were concentrated to product strategy could be the best strategy for selling.